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Daycare, Boarding, Grooming!


The Dog House is a one stop shop for your dog. We offer daycare, boarding, and bathing all in our completely cage free facility. With several indoor playrooms, a large back yard, and baby pools for those hot Summer days, your dog will be begging you to bring them back!



A day of daycare includes indoor and outdoor playtime! Play groups are determined by temperament and energy level. Since we only take in a limited number of dogs a day we can provide personal attention to each dog and be sure they are with dogs they enjoy playing with! We are completely cage-less so dogs are never in a cage waiting for their turn to play - playtime is all day long! Check out our Facebook page, we post daily!


After your first full day of daycare you will be hooked! It is so nice to come home to a tired, happy dog. 



Leaving town is always difficult when you have pets but with such a fun place to go our dogs don’t even mind when their owners go on vacation! Your dog will stay in a cage-less room by themselves or with their closest friends. Furnished with beds you bring from home or that we provide,these spacious rooms feel like home!

During the day, your dog will enjoy all day doggy daycare at no additional fee! They are so tired by bed time they are ready to get into their beds and go to sleep. The Dog House does have food for your pet, however, we strongly recommend bringing your own food to avoid an upset stomach! 


Lastly, be sure to book your boarding appointments EARLY! We only have a limited number of spaces and they fill up fast! For holiday boarding all new clients must come for 1-3 trial days of doggy daycare. This helps us ensure that the dogs are comfortable with us and the other dogs for these busy holidays. 


Grooming and Bathing

We have opened a new sister location Kimberly's K9 Club located at 4022 Oak Lawn Ave for your haircut needs. Give them a call at 214-272-9411 and they will be happy to answer any grooming questions!


Just want your smelly dog to get a nice bath and blow out? Come see us here at Dog House, we'll gladly take care of that for you! We also do nail trims for additional cost.  

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