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Doggy Daycare:

Unlimited access to indoor and

outdoor play areas!

We separate by temperament and size, rotating each group outside having the appropriate time to play, have a potty break, and having plenty of fresh air!


Overnight Retreats:


In cage-less rooms, each room is furnished with plenty of water and beds. Daycare is also included with boarding customers have plenty of play time with others!












Bathing pricing:

0-25 pounds $30 

26-35 pounds $40

36-45 pounds $50

46-55 pounds $60

56-65 pounds $70

66-75 pounds $80

76- 85 pounds $90

86- 95 pounds $100

96-100 pounds $110

Nail trims pricing:


Nail trims is an additional service







Daycare Rates:

Single Dog Full Day Play

1-2 days/ week: $38/ day

3 days/ week $35/ day

4 day/ week $32/ day

5 days/ week: $29/ day

Multiple Dog Full Day Play

1 day $38 per dog

2 days $35 per dog

3 days $29 per dog

4 days $27 per dog

5 days $25 per dog


Half Day Play (less than 4 hours)

Half day prices is $8/ hour anything over 4 hours will be charged for a full day.

Boarding Rates:


Single pup family -

$50/night with food prepped (individual bags for each meal)

$53/night without food prepped(either in one big bag or container) 


$56/night day ahead reservation


$60/night day of reservation 


We require a 48 hour notice reservation for regular rates

Multiple dog family -

$48/night per pup with food prepped (individual bags for each meal)

$50/night per pup without food prepped (either in one big bag or container)

$53/night per pup a day ahead reservation

$56/night per pup day of reservation

We require a 48 hour notice reservation for regular rates

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