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Frequently Asked Questions


We know it's hard to choose a daycare or boarding facility for your pet! Here are a few of our most frequently asked questions to help make your decision process a little easier.

How many dogs are here a day/ night?


We are a much smaller facility than most other doggy daycares in Dallas. For daycare we can take up to 35 dogs a day. Our average number of daycare dogs is 25. For boarding we can take up to 25 dogs a night. We typically have 6-12 dogs boarding on week nights and 15-25 dogs boarding on weekends. Many of our dogs have been coming to us for a long time. We know each of our dogs VERY well and can easily judge who will get along with who. This makes our job so much easier and is why we appreciate boarding dogs coming for daycare as well. 

Does someone stay overnight?


To keep our prices affordable we do not have a staff member on site overnight. Our boarders are so tired that they sleep through the night comfortably in their rooms. The owners lives nearby and has access to video security cameras to ensure that everyone is sleeping soundly. We also have an ADT security system that monitors all entrances and exits as well as smoke alarms throughout the facility.

Can I see my dog while I'm away?


We take a TON of Facebook photos of the dogs every day! Like us on Facebook at 'Dog House on the Trail' to see your pet with their friends. Like the pictures of your dog so we know you're watching!

Do I have to come in for daycare to board my dog?


Unless it is a busy holiday, daycare is not required for boarding. However, it is highly recommended that you bring your dog in for a free 2 hour trial. After 2 hours the trial is $20 for the first full day of daycare. Trials allow your dog to meet the other dogs and see the facility prior to staying overnight. This reduces anxiety and helps the dogs relax when they come back to stay overnight! We always want to be the fun place and although new dogs can be fearful the first time or two they come in, eventually they will be dragging you to the front door!

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